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Excess Inventory Solutions for customers of all shapes and sizes…

When looking at your excess inventory and thinking about how your projections were off or how much money you could stand to lose for over buying is a very tough pill to swallow. Unfortunately, in today’s difficult economic climate hitting the right balance for your inventory levels is a difficult challenge for all involved. When taking a look at options you have to weigh a variety of things before you pick an effective Excess Inventory Solution.

What does dead inventory do for you? NOTHING. If you are not turning money on your inventory and it just sits, its value continues to lessen and you are paying to store something that is not appreciating.  Many times we speak to organizations who say they will “wait things out” and they will “sell it over time” but any margins that they think they are gaining by waiting are eaten alive in the lost opportunity cost of a better inventory item with high sell through rate.

We do our best to pick the most appropriate excess inventory solution with all of our clients.  We need to know speed of recovery necessary, margin targets, payment terms etc but we can help in moving items that aren’t productive for your business.  We always love the idea of finding a new home for any surplus inventory, returned items, etc.  Our goal is to reduce any unnecessary items going to a landfill while helping our client’s overall bottom line.  You can’t pick the correct inventory level every time and when you overshoot your projections, we are here to help!