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Simple customer return solutions for any organization

One of the biggest challenges today of manufacturers and large retailers is dealing with the increasing problem of customer returned product.  Retail customers expect a lot and if all their buying satisfaction requirements are not met by their purchase they will take the product back or return it to the manufacturer.  The simplicity and ease at which customers can get credit or return products means there is a lot of very good product out there that is working flawlessly but not considered “New” because it is not factory sealed.

Our goal is to find homes for these items rather than see them unnecessarily end up in a landfill.  We try to work with organizations to maximize their recovery amount on items that otherwise would end up in the garbage, harming the environment as well as the bottom line.  Once organizations find a solution for handling all of their returns they can optimize their space for new items and focus more on what works best for their goals.

We at Smart Surplus, Inc. offer a variety of simple solutions to handle any organization’s returns program.  Please contact us to discuss the multiple programs we offer from the simple – purchasing your returns straight out from your organization directly,  to the more advanced customized solutions we offer – direct customer returns receipt in our warehouse, full reporting and revenue share on resale.  If you have a problem with your customer returns and need a partner to help, please contact us for a smart, simple returns solution.