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Simple Customer Returns Solution from Smart Surplus, Inc.

Customer returns are no fun.  Let’s face it as customers demand and expect more and more each year  there is no way, even with the most flawless product, that you can go into any sales cycle not expecting a percentage of customer returned product.  They are a drag on the bottom -line, space issue and all around loser.  We are here to help with a couple simple and painless solutions to help, why make it more difficult than necessary?

2 Simple Options:

1.      We buy ALL your returns– we pay an agreed amount for your customer returned inventory (and overstock as well if you wish).  That’s it – give us your inventory list of what you have currently, we review and give you an offer for everything.

2.      Ongoing Solution – You send us your returns directly from your customers, we check them in and let you know what we received.  We at this point, can refurbish and pay you an agreed amount or can prepare the product for you to resell again to your customers.

We have the ability to customize a program as involved or as simple as you would prefer – Our goal is to alleviate a headache and provide a simple solution to a difficult problem.  We have worked with several manufacturers as well as global retail chains to remedy what continues to be a persistent and growing problem.  Please check out our video here to learn more about our organization or feel free to set up an appointment to come visit one of our facilities.  Let us know how we can help!