Smart Surplus, Inc. provides full service liquidation programs for all of your excess inventory needs. We strive to give our customers the most painless process to rid themselves of excess or slow moving inventory while working to offer the most competitive prices. Our goal is to build a strong ongoing business partnership where we can work as an extended resource of your organization for years to come.

We currently provide three solutions for customers who have surplus inventory they are looking to liquidate:

Excess Inventory Management

What is it? This process is our most direct method for inventory liquidation. We negotiate a price and buy your product.

How does it work? We are provided ALL details of the inventory along with pictures, pricing, etc. All offers of this type are reviewed carefully by our purchasing team to determine if the product has any value from a re-marketing standpoint and what price can be paid for that item. We then decide whether or not a physical inspection is necessary and ultimately if we will purchase your product.

Who is this good for? SB is best for companies who are looking to move their inventory quickly and do not wish to deal with storage, shipment or any handling of inventory.

What type of product? SB can work with most any product – New, Used, Reconditioned, Off-lease, Customer Returns, etc.


    • Quick Payment,
    • Product can be “written off” and be taken out of inventory immediately.


    • May not get the highest price for your product because we will have to account for storage, shipping and handling costs when we make our offer.

What is it? We re-market your inventory into an alternative distribution channel without taking ownership of the product. We can position your product to be resold in certain discount stores, smaller retail chains or internationally if so desired. The details can be discussed but this is a solution for companies who do not wish to destroy their current pricing levels by having their product return to their current market segment.

How does it work? In some instances, we cannot take certain product into our inventory. In this case, Smart Surplus, Inc. is given exclusive marketing rights for your inventory for certain period of time or is physically given the inventory on a consignment basis. All details of the items (quantities, model #s, pictures, shipping details, etc.) are discussed along with a price expected for each piece of inventory when sold by Smart Surplus.

Who is this good for? This is primarily a tool for corporations, manufacturers, larger distributors and in some cases larger retailers with unsold / slow moving / returned inventory.

What type of product? SAW can work with most any product – New, Used, Reconditioned, Off-lease, Customer Returns, etc.


  • Higher price for your item
  • Neither Smart Surplus, Inc. or your company risk any capital expenditure


  • Will take longer period of time.
  • Cash may not be as immediate as SB

What is it? We market your inventory through various onling marketplaces as well as some of our online retail channels.

How does it work? The customer drop ships their inventory to the customers we provide as the items are sold. We can also again take the inventory on consignment and handle the drop shipment of the items.

Who is this good for? Companies who are looking for the best price for their item and who do not mind involvement in the liquidation process. Also, companies who do not have to move their surplus inventory in an immediate time frame.

What type of product? SMR is best for retail packaged/quality items. Items should also be easily shipped and work flawlessly upon receipt by retail customer.


  • Highest dollar amount for your product


  • Will be longest time frame for liquidation of product
  • Can be labor intensive if your company handles the shipment of each individual item

All programs above can be combined if so desired for a full service, multi-tiered liquidation program. Our goal is simply to have a completely satisfied customer without an excess inventory problem!

Please contact us to find out more about any of our programs or to send us any of your excess inventory offers!