Reverse Logistics
Smart Surplus, Inc. offers the ability to handle all of your returns management as well as the entire reverse logistics process. Our business model is highly flexible, and we can even be set up to be your designated return center Рwe are scaled to accommodate any size product return volume possible.

When a national coffee retail chain needed a system to update their commercial blender line, we handled the entire process including return, remanufacture, repackaging and distribution – from beginning to end – from over 6800 stores!

With our state-of-the-art tracking system, we can provide accurate and up to date information throughout every stage of the process including:

1. Recording of all necessary product information and pictures
2. Receiving of product
3. Sorting of product
4. Remanufacture or repackaging of product
5. Storage of all product
6. Inventory of entire product

Please contact us for more details and to speak with us about your specific needs. We look forward to working with your organization.